Overwatch League betting tips – Stage 4 Week 1 – May 18-19th matches

Week 1 of the Fourth as well as last of the Overwatch Organization is well in progress and also there are just 6 even more suits to be played. The position appears to have actually transformed to some extent, with brand-new groups swiping the limelight from a few of the previous leading challengers.

These following 2 days supply lots of Overwatch betting chances, yet prior to I begin examining the suits allow’s look at numerous standing tables.

General efficiency


  • First location: New York Excelsior (28 V– 3 D).
  • Second location: Boston Uprising (22 V– 9 D).
  • Third location: London Spitfire (20 V– 11 D).
  • Fourth area: Los Angeles Valiant (19 V– 12 D).
  • Fifth area: Seoul Dynasty (19 V– 12 D).
  • Sixth area: Philadelphia Fusion (19 V– 12 D).
  • 7th area: Houston Outlaws (17 V– 14 D).
  • 8th location: L.a Gladiators (17 V– 14 D).
  • 9th area: San Francisco Shock (12 V– 19 D).
  • 10th area: Dallas Gas (7 V– 24 D).
  • 11th area: Florida Chaos (6 V– 25 D).
  • 12th area: Shanghai Dragons (0 V– 31 D).

Phase 3 last standings table.


  • First area: Boston Uprising (10 V– 0 D).
  • Second area: New york city Excelsior (9 V– 1 D).
  • Third location: L.a Valiant (7 V– 3 D).
  • Fourth location: Los Angeles Gladiators (6 V– 4 D).
  • Fifth location: San Francisco Shock (6 V– 4 D).
  • Sixth area: London Spitfire (5 V– 5 D).
  • 7th area: Seoul Dynasty (5 V– 5 D).
  • 8th area: Philadelphia Fusion (5 V– 5 D).
  • 9th area: Houston Outlaws (4 V– 6 D).
  • 10th location: Florida Mayhem (2 V– 8 D).
  • 11th area: Dallas Fuel (1 V– 9 D).
  • 12th area: Shanghai Dragons (0 V– 10 D).

The Title Matches for Stage 3 finished with the adhering to outcomes:.

  • First area: New York Excelsior.
  • Second area: Boston Uprising.
  • Third– 4th location: Los Angeles Gladiators as well as Los Angeles Valiant.

Phase 4 present standings table.


  • First location: Houston Outlaws (1 V– 0 D).
  • Second location: New York Excelsior (1 V– 0 D).
  • Third location: Los Angeles Valiant (1 V– 0 D).
  • Fourth area: Los Angeles Gladiators (1 V– 0 D).
  • Fifth location: Philadelphia Fusion (1 V– 0 D).
  • Sixth area: Dallas Fuel (1 V– 0 D).
  • 7th location: Seoul Dynasty (0 V– 1 D).
  • 8th area: London Spitfire (0 V– 1 D).
  • 9th location: San Francisco Shock (0 V– 1 D).
  • 10th location: Florida Mayhem (0 V– 1 D).
  • 11th location: Boston Uprising (0 V– 1 D).
  • 12th location: Shanghai Dragons (0 V– 1 D).

Betting forecasts.
Dallas Fuel vs. Los Angeles Gladiators.
Suit day: May 18th.

Dallas Fuel finished Stage 3 with 1 win as well as 9 losses, shedding numerous gamers along the method and also being totally ruined by interior problems. In Stage 4, Fuel played one suit so much as well as that suit was as soon as again a triumph versus Shanghai Dragons.

L.a Gladiators ended up Stage 3 in 4th area with 6 victories as well as 4 losses. Generally, the group looked good yet resisted a lot of the leading challengers, shedding to Los Angeles Valiant, New York Excelsior, Boston Uprising as well as San Francisco Shock. In Stage 4, Gladiators played one suit until now and also won it versus San Francisco Shock.

The previous 3 experiences in between Dallas Fuel as well as Los Angeles Gladiators finished with 2 success for Fuel as well as 1 for Gladiators. The newest suit was won by Gladiators, that is currently a much more powerful group compared to Dallas Fuel as well as must conveniently win this suit.

Last betting forecast: Los Angeles Gladiators to win at BetOnline.

Boston Uprising versus Houston Outlaws.
Suit day: May 18th.

Boston Uprising finished Stage 3 with an awesome document of 10 success and also 0 losses. This loss has actually currently equated right into a very first loss for Uprising in Stage 4, versus a significantly weak challenger: Philadelphia Fusion (rating 1– 3).

Even with having a solid lineup with a great deal of capacity, Houston Outlaws had an awful Stage 3, completed with 4 victories and also 6 losses (9th location). It still won some terrific suits versus the leading challengers as well as additionally beat its very first Stage 4 challenger, London Spitfire.

Offered the current kind shown by these 2 groups, I anticipate Houston Outlaws to win this suit versus Boston Uprising.

Last betting forecast: Houston Outlaws to win at BetOnline.

San Francisco Shock vs. Seoul Dynasty.
Suit day: May 18th.

San Francisco Shock made a substantial dive last stage in regards to ability, going from a 3 V– 7 D in Stage 2 to a 6 V– 4 D document in Stage 3. The group racked up outstanding victories versus Philadelphia Fusion, Houston Outlaws or even Los Angeles Gladiators, finishing the stage in 5th location.

Seoul Dynasty had a harsh Stage 3, shedding nearly as lots of suits as in the previous 2 phases integrated. L.a Valiant, Los Angeles Gladiators, Boston Uprising, New York Excelsior as well as London Spitfire beat Seoul Dynasty in Stage 3, plainly showing that the previous OWL titan is currently a much weak competitor.

Because both of these groups shed their first Stage 4 suits, it’s tough to inform that’s in much better form.

General outcomes throughout the whole period of the Overwatch League plainly prefer Seoul Dynasty. The go to head document in between these 2 groups (0– 3) additionally recommends that Dynasty is the far better group and also ought to win this suit effortlessly.

Last betting forecast: Seoul Dynasty to win at BetOnline.

Philly Fusion vs. Florida Mayhem.
Suit day: May 19th.

Philly Blend had a typical run in Phase 3 as well as just completed 8th, also though its document had not been all that devastating: 5 success and also 5 losses. In Phase 4, Blend’s begin looks encouraging.

Much, Florida Chaos has actually been one of the weakest groups in the organization, finishing Phase 1, 2 as well as 3 with a document of simply 6 victories and also 25 losses. That’s a win price of less than 20%.

Regardless of what stats you wish to check out, Philly Blend is the much more powerful side in this suit and also need to quickly win it.

Last betting forecast: Philly Blend to win at BetOnline.

Shanghai Dragons versus L.a Valiant.
Suit day: May 19th.

Shanghai Dragons developed a brand-new document in Phase 3 and also not just for Overwatch, however, for the whole esports sector. Shanghai Dragons is currently on an unmatched losing touch as well as its finest feasible opportunity of obtaining its very first success remained in its most current suit versus Dallas Gas. The group shed that suit (rating 1– 3) as well as is currently anticipated to proceed its shedding touch up until the end of the organization.

Los Angeles Valiant boosted its efficiency in Phase 3, finishing with a document of 7 success as well as 3 losses. The challengers that took care of to defeat Valiant in Phase 3 were London Spitfire, Houston Outlaws as well as Boston Uprising.

On the whole, this is a full inequality and also Valiant need to have a field day versus Shanghai Dragons.

Last betting forecast: L.a Valiant to win at BetOnline.

London Spitfire vs. New York City Excelsior.
Suit day: May 19th.

London Spitfire endured a high decrease in Phase 3, ending up Sixth with 5 success and also 5 losses. Amongst one of the most essential groups it beat were L.a Valiant, Seoul Empire as well as San Francisco Shock. In Phase 4, Spitfire started with a horrible loss versus its bane, Houston Outlaws (rating 0– 4).

As the total outcomes table plainly reveals, New york city excelsior is the greatest as well as most regular group in the Overwatch Organization. Excelsior ended up Phase 3 with 9 victories as well as 1 loss (versus Boston Uprising) and after that took place to win the Title Matches, repaying as well as beating Uprising in the Grand Final without shedding a solitary map. Excelsior additionally won the Title Matches in Phase 2 and also put 2nd in the Title Matches of Phase 1.

In its present kind, New york city Excelsior will likely wipe the flooring with London Spitfire, despite the fact that the visit head document in between these groups is 2– 2.