The Growing Trend of eSports and How it All Began

 How eSports Took the Gambling World by Storm

When eSports betting exploded on the world stage, nobody expected it to become so huge in such a short time. The last couple of years saw a growth that got the attention of the business world. So much so that it is estimated that the eSports gambling market will hit $30 billion within a short time.

This explosion of eSports gambling is due to the great fan base that various online sports enjoy. It’s still not as big as the fan base of real-world sports such as NFL, soccer, and tennis. But as word of mouth spreads and social media weighs in, more people will know about online games betting.

How it all Began

Back in the day, the only way for two people to play a video game against each other was to be in the same room together. But with the internet, it became possible for people to compete and play the same game online. It’s more fun, more competitive, and it’s an opportunity to bet as well. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Nowadays some of the best sites to win big are readily available 24/7 and easily accessible from tablets, smartphones, and laptops. Mobile games, in particular, are a huge draw. You can find anything from casual gamers who play for fun to professionals who take part in tournaments and make a decent living out of it.

Types of eSports Betting

With so many games available online for players to enjoy and for people to bet on, what game you choose comes down to your personal taste and preferences. And just as there are many games, there are also different types of betting. Real money betting is the most popular type. It works the same way as traditional betting on boxing matches and football games.

Skin betting is another form of betting specific to eSports. Many of the online platforms offer virtual currencies and game items that players can trade and wager with. Yet another form of betting is social betting among friends and family which is more about having fun rather making money.

Finally, there’s challenge betting where two players go head-to-head against each other to win money, skins, or other items. While you can find different games to bet on everywhere, you’ll get some nice bonus offers at casino-bonus-stars.com. There are plenty of games to play and bet on for all tastes.

Betting Tips

If you want to take a dive in the world of eSports betting and come out with a fistful of cash in both hands, you need to understand some basic rules. On top of the list is learning about odds and calculating payouts. You also need to have great bankroll management. This will help you take calculated risks and live to bet another day.